A joke about something mundane

People who make other people happy with jokes are usually the saddest ones. Damn right.

I made a joke today. It wasn’t well received. It was about my girlfriend’s bag. I didn’t really think that it would do any damage. It’s harmless.

I’m writing this in my blog, which I know she barely reads. I say everything to her so I guess she wouldn’t need to read my thoughts off the computer.

So back to the problem.. I made a joke that wasn’t funny to her.

Did I mean it? No. And it was a joke about a bag. There’s obviously no malice there. Jeez, I didn’t even think about the effect of that joke. It’s the type of thing she’d just laugh about.

She knew what she was signing up for when we got together. I make a lot of jokes and she used to laugh or brush it off when she was my target. This is too weird for me to handle. I made more offensive and insesnitive jokes in the past and this never happened.

I guess I lost my touch. Or maybe she’s fed up with me. I dunno. Nevermind. We’ll see.

Note: To be honest, that joke was corny as fuck. I think the delivery threw me off.