Stop being a shitty person, you faggot. (Read me)

I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. Well, actually, I kinda am.

I admit it. Sometimes, I’m a really shitty person. It’s mostly the things I do. I tend to get a little bit over myself. I bit too confident. The important thing is that I know whether I’m being a shitty dude or not.

My definition of shitty is just as how it sounds. It’s like being a faggot. Not that faggot means gay or anything. Just look at it from Louis C.K.’s point of view…

Faggot didn’t mean gay when I was a kid, you called somebody a faggot because they were being a faggot. […] I would never call a gay guy a faggot, unless he was being a faggot, but not because he’s gay. Like, if I saw two guys blowing each other, I don’t know why I’m watching them do it… I don’t know, I stumbled upon a couple of fellas blowing one another on their respective penesia–That’s plural for penis that invented today. I would be respectful to them, “Hello, gentlemen.” But if one of them took the dick out of his mouth and started acting all faggy and saying annoying faggy things, “You know, people from Phoenix are Phonecians” or something like that. I’d be like, “Hey, shut up, faggot. FAGGOT! Quit being a faggot and suck that dick!”

Not all that hard to understand. Louis C.K. puts it like this. “Faggot” is a derogatory term that shouldn’t mean anything near being a homosexual. He probably used “faggot” because of how you can pronounce it with a certain amount of intensity. It catches attention. He turns the word into a synonym for someone annoying or an asshole.

To be honest, the reason I’m writing this entry is because I’ve been feeling especially like an asshole today. It wasn’t my fault. I was pushed. I was pushed over the edge of Mt. Asshole. It’s actually a volcano. Ehem-ehem. Whatever floats your boat.

It’s not that I choose to be one; sometimes, you just have to be THE asshole. It’s not surprising to think that some people don’t take me seriously because of my ENFP-styled attitude. I’m a friend. I love being a friendly dude. I am Mr. Congeniality. <–being an asshole

I’ll put it this way… I’m turning into an asshole (exclusively for this week only!) because of some shit that’s going down. PROJECT MAKING.

I love my group. They’re awesome people. But it takes more than a “friend” to get the gears rolling. My group mates are cooperating anyway, so I don’t have much of a problem. Well, most of them. You know that feeling when you’re a herdsman and there’s just this one sheep who refuses to enter the barn when it’s resting time? “Dammit, sheep. I already told you. You can’t come in my barn when it’s near morning. I told you to come in at night.” For all you reading this, that’s like an analogy to the most annoying thing a leader has to face in a group… which includes the thing I hate that happens EVERY time… Last minute submissions.

Bato-bato sa langit, matamaan ‘wag magalit.

You know who you are. I’m not even sure if you read this blog. If you do though, thanks. I appreciate it.


Everyone in the group is fucking pissed. Probably more than I am.. and I’m the leader. It’s always procrastination. PETIKS.  I’m sorry but that won’t cut it. This project needs work. We’ve all done our parts, why can’t you? The thing that you sent me a while ago doesn’t even count as one paragraph.

I’m not hating on you. This is a calling. A calling to change.


I’ll stop it now.

Peace out!