Sometimes I wonder if we were ever really allowed to make mistakes. “I make mistakes. No one’s perfect. I’m only human.” seems to be the most clichéd excuse ever.
Everytime I make a mistake, it seems unforgivable. There’s never a way out. I admit, I’m pretty competent. I’m coordinated. I wouldn’t say organized though. I’m not trying to make this post perfect, but I am trying to make it easier to comprehend. It doesn’t fucking matter if it’s riddled with grammatical errors or missing punctuations. I don’t care. Why should you?
Even if I meant to type this in some wingdings bullshit, I’d probably bw crucified.
Life isn’t fair and everyone knows this. Sometimes people make mistakes and just get off scot-free. Sometimes we make mistakes and people shove that shit back to our faces.
There are things that make everything harder after being served the “You’re wrong/That’s not right/You always fuck shit up (in a bad way)” speech. I have rage issues that I’ve successfully hidden over the years because I learned to keep my cool. But, things change. I’m feeling it come back. Not a good sign for a recovering psychotic maniac.
It’s not fair and no one deserves this bullshit. “I’m only human.” So am I and every other person on this planet.


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